Conference and Livestream in NYC - Feb 9th, 2018


Welcome to the Second Official Bitcoin Private Conference, hosted at the Marriott Downtown in the Financial Ballroom! Doors open at 2 pm EST.

In advance of the upcoming snapshot at February 28, and the fork and mainnet ~2 days later, we would like to invite you to this highly anticipated conference. We have an exciting line-up of technology and privacy professionals from the Bitcoin Private open source initiative and we will have a guest speaker to be announced!

The event will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel.

Event host: Jacob Brutman, Ph.D., Bitcoin Private Open-Source Operations Lead

Schedule (tentative):

We will begin with a 30 minute networking segment with the first presentation starting at 2:40pm EST.

1. Jon Layton, Lead Blockchain Open-Source Engineer: How to build an open-source engineering team of over 15 developers in under 30 days
2. Rhett Creighton, Founder & Lead Open-Source Engineer: Why Bitcoin Private vs other Bitcoin hardforks?
3. Marc Gagne, Privacy Expert: TBA
4. Chris Sulmone, Senior Blockchain & Wallet Open-SourceEngineer: TBD
5. Giuseppe Stuto, Marketing & PR Open-Source Lead: The Bitcoin Private community, an international phenomenon

Following these presentations our legal counsel, Peter Hatzipetros, will host a short Q&A session.

This will be accompanied by a closing networking session.


New York Marriot Downtown, Financial Ballroom
85 West Street
10006 New York, NY
United States