Bittrex Withdrawals Are Now Possible! - Mar 13th, 2018

Bittrex is now allowing withdrawals of BTCP, but if not opening a BTCP market. Please use one of the supported BTCP wallets available from See the official Bittrex announcement here:

Fork is Underway! Stay Tuned for Main Net Launch! All System Go! - Mar 3rd, 2018

We are currently merging the BTC block chain into the ZCL block chain, which could take several hours. Once we hit a block height of 278459, the main net will be considered launched, and transactions will be able to occur, and miners can begin to receive block rewards! Thank you for your patience and support through all of this. Wallets will be released shortly, and will be announced on Twitter at, and on Telegram at

Bittrex Statement on Zclassic [ZCL] and Bitcoin Private [BTCP] - Feb 28th 2018

Please find Bittrex' statement regarding ZCL and Bitcoin Private below: Bittrex Statement on Zclassic [ZCL] and Bitcoin Private [BTCP] (

HitBTC Announces BTCP Listing - Feb 26th, 2018

Today HitBTC has announced they will list BTCP after the fork. Currently they do not list ZCL, so therefore you will not be able to hold your ZCL there during the snapshot.

BREAKING: TradeSatoshi to Support the Fork! Feb 23rd, 2018

Trade Satoshi has announced they will support the BTCP fork:

Coinomi to Support BTCP Fork - Feb 21, 2018

Coinomi has added ZCL support in their latest wallet, and will support the fork. You will need to download the latest version of the Coinomi app.

Full Node Desktop Wallet Released - 20 Feb 2018 You can download it here: Installation tutorial here:

Bitcoin Private White Paper Released - Feb 19th, 2018

We are pleased to announce our white paper has been released! Read it here:

WARNING - Fake BTCP Scam Site - Feb 14th, 2018

There is a clone of the official website at btcprivate ( that is attempting to steal your recovery words to gain access to your funds. It claims it will give you free BTCP, but it will not. Please do not fall for this type of thing. No one should ever need your private keys or recovery phrase to send you anything. Make sure you report the website to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) so that they will take it down. Remem...

Cryptopia Wallet Back Online - Feb 14th, 2018

It appears the Cryptopia ZCL Wallet is Back online once again. Please let us know if you have any issues with it.

Cryptopia Wallet Issues Resolved - Feb 12th, 2018

It appears that Cryptopia has updated their ZCL wallet, and now have available node connections. However, some pending withdrawals appear to be stuck, and will need to be manually resent by Cryptopia. You may need to submit a ticket in order for this to happen. If you have more wallet issues, please contact BTCP support and let us know. We are continuing to work with Cryptopia to resolve any potential remaining issues. Thank you for your patience during what would've been a very stressful time ...

Issues With Cryptopia Withdrawals - Feb 10th, 2018

Currently there is an issue with withdrawals of ZCL on Cryptopia. This is a problem on their end, and we are attempting to contact them to resolve the issue. Please be patient, and we appreciate your support through this! We hope to have withdrawals fixed as soon as possible. Seeing as this is a weekend, there may be no resolution until Monday or later. From the Cryptopia main page: UPDATE 1: It appears some users are still able to complete withdrawals. UPDATE 2: It seems the reason that so...

Conference and Livestream in NYC - Feb 9th, 2018

**DESCRIPTION** Welcome to the Second Official Bitcoin Private Conference, hosted at the Marriott Downtown in the Financial Ballroom! Doors open at 2 pm EST. In advance of the upcoming snapshot at February 28, and the fork and mainnet ~2 days later, we would like to invite you to this highly anticipated conference. We have an exciting line-up of technology and privacy professionals from the Bitcoin Private open source initiative and we will have a guest speaker to be announced! The event wil...