Solution to No Input Found or Missing BTCP in Electrum

Reminder: NEVER share your private keys with anyone. If someone here ever asks for your private keys, please report them to us immediately.

These two issues are related to using change addresses in the ZCL electrum wallet. When you send coins out of electrum, the remaining coins move to a "change address." The simplest way to think about a change address is that you are buying something. You take all of your currency out of your pocket, pay for the item, then put all the money into a different pocket. You have now changed the "address" of your currency.

Change addresses can be found by going to ZCL Electrum and doing the following steps:

  1. View > Show Addresses > Addresses Tab
  2. Filter > Change Receiving to Change > Now you can see all change addresses with balances and number of transactions.

Here is how to solve it:

  1. Open Zclassic Electrum
    1. Press Wallet > Private Keys > Export and a prompt will open. Be patient as it loads.
    2. Select "csv" file type and press export
    3. Open the csv file you have saved, it will have two columns:
      1. Column A contains your wallet address
      2. Column B contains your private keys for each address
  2. Open Bitcoin Private Electrum
    1. If you have not already create a brand new wallet with the following steps:
      1. Name it however you like.
      2. Select "standard wallet" and press next
      3. "Create new seed", next, "standard", next
      4. Write down your seed in a safe place. Press next.
      5. Type the seed back in and press next
      6. Enter a password, we recommend a very strong one. Press next
    2. Your wallet is now ready to go. Here is how to receive your BTCP:
      1. Press Wallet > Private Keys > Sweep
      2. A dialog box will pop up with a text input box
      3. Go back to your csv file with private keys and copy all private keys
        1. You can do this row by row or just copy the entire column (minus row 1).
        2. Make sure each private key has its own line.
        3. Press sweep, if you entered many private keys, this will take a bit of time, up to 5-10 min for older computers.
        4. A transaction screen will pop up. Set your desired transaction fee and press send.
  3. You should now have all of your BTCP!


Still having issues? Try importing your seed instead. This can be done at step 2.1.3 above by pressing "I have an existing seed" and entering in your ZCL Electrum seed.