I Can't Send or Preview Transactions! These Options are Greyed Out!

You have probably created a wallet using version 1.0.0 and selected the 2FA option. You can determine this by looking at your addresses, and checking to see what 2 characters they start with. They should start with t1. If they start with t3, then you would need to follow these steps:


Windows Guide to Retrieving ZCL from a 2FA Electrum Wallet

Have you accidentally set up your wallet as a 2FA wallet and now are unable to send coins else where? Has sweeping/ importing your private key not worked for you? As long as you sent the coins as a Transparent (T) address, this is the guide for you! If you used a Private (Z) address, follow up to step 4 and hang tight for when we release Electrum support for Private (Z) addresses.

  1. Create a new standard wallet and restore the 2FA wallet using your "seed" codes. DO NOT password protect this wallet.
  2. Disable the 2FA feature when presented with the option.
  3. Navigate to C:/Users/YOUR-NAME/AppData/Roaming/Electrum-zcl/wallets. Open the new standard wallet file with Notepad.
  4. You will need to gather the 2 private keys and one public key. To find this easily, press “CTRL+F” and search for “xprv”. Copy the 2 “xprv” values as well as the last “xpub” value. You will need these in a later step.
  5. Create a new “Multi-signature wallet”. Select “From 3 co-signers” on the first slider. Select “Require 2 signatures” on the second slider.
  6. To add the first co-signer, click “Use public or private keys”. Enter the first xprv key in this box.
  7. Add the second co-signer via a private key also.
  8. Add the third co-signer with the public key. Complete the set-up.
  9. Your wallet funds now have the ability to be sent from the multi-signature wallet.

Credit to Entropyless and daniel12 on Discord (source: https://github.com/BTCP-community/electrum-zcl/issues/44)