Jaxx - How to access your Bitcoin Private

In order to access your Bitcoin Private, you must have access to your private keys. Any wallet which gives you ownership of your private keys will allow you to access your Bitcoin Private.

Jaxx is an example of a wallet which enables users to access their private keys.

Note: Jaxx does not currently support Zclassic. In addition, they have not confirmed support for Bitcoin Private.

The purpose of this tutorial is to inform Bitcoin-holders about the process of exporting their private keys, in order to access their Bitcoin Private.


Step 1: Enter Jaxx

Step 2: Go to Tools

Click the Menu Button in the Right Top Corner, and go to Tools.

Step 3: Go to Display Private Keys

Step 4: Click I Understand

You will prompted with a screen asking you to confirm that you would really like to access your Private Keys. As Jaxx mentions, do not share this key with anyone.

Step 5: Click Display Bitcoin Keys

Step 6: View your Private Keys. 

This screen features your private keys. You are also able to Export these by clicking the Export button.

Note: The screenshot has been edited so as to not display any keys. 


Step 7: Import Private Keys into the BTCP Electrum Wallet

For this step, please visit this guide.