ZCL Full-Node Desktop Wallet

How Do I Import a Private Key?

Importing the private key can be accomplished using the following steps: 1. Open your wallet 2. It is recommended the wallet be fully synced. 3. Click on Wallet -> "Import one private key" 4. Paste your private key and pay attention to the Warning. IMPORTANT: Do not compromise yourself, do not divulge the private key to anyone. Only import to a new wallet.

What Is a Full Node Wallet?

A full node wallet allows you to fully download the blockchain. By running a full node you become part of ZCL network. It is arguably the best way to run your wallet.

Where Can I download the Latest Full-Node Desktop Wallet?

The latest ZCL Full-Node Desktop Wallet can be downloaded here: https://github.com/z-classic/zclassic-full-node-wallet/releases/tag/v1.0.0 (http://github.com/z-classic/zclassic-full-node-wallet/releases/tag/v1.0.0)

How Do I Install the ZCL Full-Node Desktop Wallet?

Installing ZCL Full-Node Wallet is accomplished by following these steps: 1. Browser to https://zclassic.org/ 2. Click on the following link: 3. Click on "ZclassicDesktopWallet-v1.0.0-mac.zip (https://github.com/z-classic/zclassic-full-node-wallet/releases/download/v1.0.0/ZclassicDesktopWallet-v1.0.0-mac.zip)" 4. Click on the downloaded file and the file will self extract. 5. Double click on the application 6. A warning will appear, choose OPEN 7. The Zclassic Desktop wallet will ...

How Do I Export My Private Key?

You can export your private key by following these simple instructions: 1. Open your wallet 2. Choose your existing address. This is your public key 3. Once selected, click "Wallet" -> "View One Private Key" 4. Your private key will be revealed and copy to your clipboard. IMPORTANT: Do not compromise your private key and do NOT give anyone your private key. You only need this private key in case you download a new wallet or you need to receive forked coins.