How Do I Install the ZCL Full-Node Desktop Wallet?

Step 1:

Download the latest exe file here:

Step 2:

Extract ZIP to whatever location you wish to put it in. An example could be C:\Windows\ProgramFiles\ZCL-Swing\

Step 3: Double click the file ZclassicDesktopWallet.jar

     Note: If nothing happens, you probably need to install Java. For Windows 10, download and run the setup file here:

Step 4: Once that's done, open up notepad.exe and type the following: javaw -jar ZclassicDesktopWallet.jar

Step 5: In notepad, click "File>Save As". Save it as "all files" (not .txt) and call it start.bat. Make sure to save this in the same folder you store your Swing Wallet!

     Your Swing folder should look like this now:

Step 6: Double click "start.bat".