Common Post-Fork Issues (READ FIRST) - BTCP - Mar 4th, 2018

This FAQ will cover the most common issues that users are having post BTCP/ZCL fork.


1. I am trying to sweep my key in the BTCP Electrum wallet, and I'm being told there are "no inputs".

Please follow the tutorial located here. Additionally, you may create a new BTCP Electrum wallet, and when setting it up, select "I already have a seed phrase", and input your seed phrase from your ZCL Electrum wallet. This will input ALL your private keys.


2. I am getting an error message "p2sh" when trying to open BTCP Electrum. 

Please try the following steps: 

If this is because you're coming from an old Electrum ZCL 1.0.0 2FA wallet -

  • Navigate to C:/Users/YOUR-NAME/AppData/Roaming/Electrum-zcl/wallets. For Mac, the location would be: ~/Library/Application\ Support/ Open your Zclassic mutisig wallet file with Notepad (This wallet should have been setup with “From 3 co-signers” on the first slider. Select “Require 2 signatures").
  • You will need to gather the 2 private keys and one public key. To find this easily, press “CTRL+F” and search for “xprv”. Copy the 2 “xprv” values as well as the last “xpub” value. You will need these in a later step.
  • Create a new BTCP “Multi-signature wallet”. Select “From 3 co-signers” on the first slider. Select “Require 2 signatures” on the second slider.
    To add the first co-signer, click “Use public or private keys”. Enter the first xprv key in this box.
  • Add the second co-signer via a private key also.
  • Add the third co-signer with the public key. Complete the set-up by adding a password if desired.
  • Your BTCP should now be available in this new BTCP multisig wallet.


3. My Electrum wallet show a red "no connection" icon in the bottom right. 

You may have accidentally turned proxy server on. Click the red button, and go the the proxy tab. Make sure "use proxy" is off. 

4. I can see where BTCP came into my BTCP wallet, but there is a transaction showing that it was sent somewhere. I didn't send it. What is going on?

If your BTCP was sent somewhere, and you didn't do it, it most likely that you have accidentally entered your private key into a scam website, or given it to someone posing as a BTCP team member. It's likely that you accidentally gave away your ZCL private key, or in extreme cases, had your key stolen directly off your computer. Once your BTCP is sent on the blockchain, it is impossible to reverse the transaction. It's important to use adequate security protocols, and only download wallets from official sources. And never, ever, give out your private key for any reason whatsoever.