Why Won't the Full-Node Desktop Wallet Sync Past 98-99%?

Users have reported that they sync to 98-99% and then it stops. This is normal as the last blocks are significantly larger in size than the blocks prior to this.

However, if you have gone more than 12 hours stuck at 99%, then it may be due to a bad connection.

We have noticed this is exacerbated by trying to use the Full-Node Wallet on older computers.

We have several long-term solutions we are currently working on, including a DNS seeder. In the meantime, you can use the following short term fix:

  1. Exit your full-node desktop wallet.
  2. Download the blockchain from here. This file is over 6 GB.
    1. Unzip the 7z file using 7zip.
  3. Navigate to the following folders and back up your wallet.dat file to a safe place (i.e. a USB drive)
    1. Windows
      1. %APPDATA%\roaming\BTCPrivate\
    2. Mac
      1. ~/Library/Application Support/BTCPrivate/
    3. Linux
      1. ~/.btcprivate/
  4. Delete all files and folders in the above location EXCEPT wallet.dat and btcprivate.conf
  5. Place "blocks" and "chainstate" from the archived file into the above folders.
  6. Restart your wallet and allow it to sync.