ZCL Electrum Wallet

How Do I Install the ZCL Electrum Wallet For Windows?

Instructions On How To Install the ZCL Electrum Wallet: Step 1: Download the latest release here: https://github.com/BTCP-community/electrum-zcl/releases _Note: Be sure to download the version that matches your computers operating system. Here, we assume you are using Windows as per the title of this article. Also, the photo shows the current version as of this writing, but may not be the current version later. _ Step 2: Locate and run the ZIP file, which can often be located in your d...

I Can't Send or Preview Transactions! These Options are Greyed Out!

You have probably created a wallet using version 1.0.0 and selected the 2FA option. You can determine this by looking at your addresses, and checking to see what 2 characters they start with. They should start with t1. If they start with t3, then you would need to follow these steps: **Windows Guide to Retrieving ZCL from a 2FA Electrum Wallet** Have you accidentally set up your wallet as a 2FA wallet and now are unable to send coins else where? Has sweeping/ importing your private key n...

My Wallet Says It's Read-Only?

Most likely this is because you tried to import your ZCL address, rather than your private key. You must import your PRIVATE KEY.

Are Z-Transactions Supported in the Electrum Wallet?

As of this writing, Z-transactions are not supported, but rest assured, we are working hard to add this functionality!

How do I export my Electrum wallet private keys?

Navigate into the wallet. Click on Wallet > Private Keys > Export. If you have your wallet file encrypted, it will prompt you to unlock your wallet with the password. A private key menu appears displaying all the wallet addresses currently associated with your current electrum wallet file and its corresponding private key in plain text. You have the option to export the file in a .csv format to use with MS Excel or in JSON format. Click on the file button and select the directory/path that...

How do I make a backup of my electrum wallet?

There are 2 ways of backing up your ZCL Electrum wallet. The first step is by heading into the Electrum wallet. Click on file and "backup wallet." Name your wallet anything, but make sure you back your wallet file up in a safe and secure location as it is a powerful file that holds all of your funds. The second method of backing up your ZCL Electrum wallet is by navigating to the following directory: C:\Users\usernameXXX\AppData\Roaming\Electrum-zcl\wallets and in this directory you will see...

How do I encrypt my Electrum wallet?

In your Electrum wallet, navigate to the menu bar at the top, click on wallet, and then password. You can also click the lock icon at the bottom right corner. You will be prompted to enter an encryption password twice to confirm. This password will be required when you take any major action in your wallet such as sending a transaction or exporting your private keys.

How Do I Import My Private Key?

There are two ways you can do this. Method 1: Run the ZCL Electrum EXE file, and choose to create a new wallet. If you already have an existing wallet, but still want to create a new one, type a new name for the wallet, and press next. Once you're on the next screen, select "Import Zclassic addresses or private keys". Copy and paste your private key in the text box on the next screen. Do not use the file locator tool in the bottom right corner. After clicking next, your address sh...