How Do I Install the ZCL Electrum Wallet For Windows?

Instructions On How To Install the ZCL Electrum Wallet:

Step 1:

Download the latest release here:

Note: Be sure to download the version that matches your computers operating system. Here, we assume you are using Windows as per the title of this article. Also, the photo shows the current version as of this writing, but may not be the current version later. 


Step 2:

Locate and run the ZIP file, which can often be located in your downloads folder. 


Step 3:

Extract the ZIP file to a location of your choice. And example might be: "C:\Program Files\ZCL-Electrum\". Right click the Electrum ZIP file, and left click "Extract All". You may have to give the application administrator permission when prompted. 


Step 4:

Click browse, navigate to the location you wish to use, create a new folder, and then select "use this folder". Click extract when done. 


Step 5:

Double click the Electrum .exe file to begin.


Step 6: 

Select auto-connect, unless you have a reason not to.


Step 7: 

Put in a name for your wallet if you want to, otherwise just click next.


Step 7: 

Select standard wallet, unless you are importing an existing private key or address from another wallet, such as Eleos, or Swing. Click next. 

Step 8: 

If this is your first ZCL Electrum wallet, select create seed. If you are restoring an existing wallet, select "I already have a seed". If you are importing a private key from another wallet, select "Use public or private keys". Click next. 


Step 9: 

There is only one option as of this writing, so click next.


Step 10:

Record your seed somewhere safe. Preferably not in plain text on your computer. It's critical that you record these words somewhere safe. In the even of data failure, or any loss of wallet, the seed is the ONLY thing that can recover your wallet. If you choose to store this electronically, you could use a secure password storage application such as Keepass. You can add you own custom words by clicking "options". After you've recorded this information, click next.


Step 11:

Retype your seed here, to ensure you wrote it down correctly, then click next. 


Step 12:

Create a strong password, and make sure you remember it. If you forget it, you will have to restore your wallet from your seed. You can choose to not encrypt your wallet, and not add a password, but this is not recommended. Click next when done. 


Step 13:

All done! You should see the following screen: