General FAQ

Common Post-Fork Issues (READ FIRST) - BTCP - Mar 4th, 2018

This FAQ will cover the most common issues that users are having post BTCP/ZCL fork. 1. I am trying to sweep my key in the BTCP Electrum wallet, and I'm being told there are "no inputs". Please follow the tutorial located here ( Additionally, you may create a new BTCP Electrum wallet, and when setting it up, select "I already have a seed phrase", and input your seed phrase from your ZCL Electrum wa...

Snapshot/Main Net Launch/BTCP Wallet FAQ - Mar 2nd, 2018

This FAQ will address current questions surrounding the recent snapshot, and impending main net launch. 1. Where's the BTCP wallet? We will release the BTCP wallet some time after the main net launches. We will announce the launch and wallet release on Twitter at, and on Telegram at 1.1 How do I get my BTCP? After the fork you will need to download a BTCP wallet and import your ZCL private key that is associated with th...

German: Snapshot/Main Net Launch/BTCP Wallet FAQ - 2. März, 2018

Dieses FAQ dient der Aufklärung von Fragen bezüglich des abgeschlossenen Snapshots und des bevorstehenden Main Net Launches. - Veröffentlichung BTCP-Wallet Wir werden die BTCP-Wallet einige Tage nach dem Start des Hauptnetzes am 2. März veröffentlichen, eventuell im Laufe des jeweiligen Abends. Wir werden den Start und die Wallet Veröffentlichung auf Twitter unter und auf Telegram unter (tg://resolve?domain=bitcoinpriv...

Which Exchanges Have Listed Bitcoin Private?

The following exchanges are currently listing BTCP: BarterDex ( CryptoBroker ( Exrates ( HitBTC ( Nanex ( Octaex ( Sistemkoin ( Trade Ogre ( Trade Satoshi (

Do you have a single Megathread/FAQ thread to answer the most frequently asked questions?

Yes we do! We recently updated the FAQ Megathread, which you can find stickied under each of our subreddits (for both ZClassic and Bitcoin Private.) Please feel free to comment and let us know if you feel there are topics/issues missing and we'll do our best to review, solve, and have it ad...

What Will Happen to ZCL Post Fork?

After the fork, all wallets will remain available, and we will maintain ZCL nodes. ZCL will continue to function exactly as it is now, however, the entirety of the BTCP team will move active development to BTCP. Whether or not a new development team steps up to take over responsibility for ZCL remains to be seen.

How can I join the BTCP community?

We have a number of community and social outlets that we are active in. Below is a list of links you can use to engage in the BitcoinPrivate as well as the ZClassic community! BitcoinPrivate Twitter ( BitcoinPrivate Facebook ( BitcoinPrivate Discord Server ( BitcoinPrivate Telegram ( BitcoinPrivate Reddit ( ZClassic Twitter ...

Why Bitcoin Private?

**Private - Bitcoin Private will use the same privacy technology as ZClassic (zk-snarks). This means payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient and other transactional metadata remain unidentifiable.** **Decentralized - Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Private will support peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary. These transactions will be verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and recorded in a public ledger.** **Fast - Unlike Bitcoin...

Who Runs Bitcoin Private?

Bitcoin Private is a community-driven BTC/ZCL fork consisting of over 50 talented contributors currently. We are fully transparent to the community and often allow them to make decisions regarding the fork and the future of Bitcoin Private.

How Can I Contact You?

You may contact us through the following channels: Public Discord: Reddit (BTCP): Reddit (ZCL): Telegram (ZCL): Telegram (BTCP): FB Twitter: Live chat:$_tawk_popout=true