Snapshot/Main Net Launch/BTCP Wallet FAQ - Mar 2nd, 2018

This FAQ will address current questions  surrounding the recent snapshot, and impending main net launch.


1. Where's the BTCP wallet? 

We will release the BTCP wallet some time after the main net launches. We will announce the launch and wallet release on Twitter at, and on Telegram at

1.1 How do I get my BTCP? 

After the fork you will need to download a BTCP wallet and import your ZCL private key that is associated with the address that contained your ZCL at the moment of the snapshot. Tutorials on how to do this will be posted at

2. I moved my ZCL out of my wallet after the snapshot, will I receive BTCP?

As long as you held your ZCL on a software wallet or supporting exchange (Bittrex or Trade Satoshi) at block #272991, you will be able to receive BTCP. 

3. When does the main net launch?

The fork has begun, and the main net will launch at block 278459. You will be able to view the block height at

4. When do I get my BTCP?

You will be able to get your BTCP some time after the main net launch, and after we release the BTCP wallets. Once you import your private key, it may take some time for your balances to appear as the network may be syncing.

5. When can I begin trading BTCP? And when will exchanges list BTCP?

We need to get our main net operational first, before exchanges can list BTCP. This can take a few days. Exchanges that have committed to support BTCP may take a week, or possibly more to list BTCP, as they will need to implement a new wallet, and create a new market. This isn't necessarily easy, and can take some time. Ultimately, it is up to the exchanges on when they will list Bitcoin Private.

6. Which exchanges will list BTCP?

So far, TradeSatoshi and HitBTC have confirmed they will list BTCP. We have applied to various exchanges, so hopefully more will announce soon. We cannot talk about which exchanges we applied to other than Binance, and we cannnot speculate on the chances of BTCP being listed.

7. Will Bittrex give me BTCP, and when?

Bittrex will give you BTCP, but they have stated it will take AT LEAST one week to give you credit.

8. When can I start mining?

You won't be able to mine right away, as we roll out our main net. You may be able to do so by Sunday or Monday. 

9. When will Coinomi give me my BTCP?

We need to fully roll out our main net starting March 2nd, which could take several days. With this in mind, and typical delays involved with updating software, you likely should not expect Coinomi to credit you any earlier than one week from March 2nd. 

10. I had my ZCL on Crytopia - Will I receive BTCP?

Please read Crytopia's statement on who will receive BTCP, and who will not:

11. I sent my funds out of my wallet before block 272991, will I get my BTCP?

No, you will not. Unless you sent it to an address where you control the private key. If you sent to an exchange, you can try asking them for credit.

12. I had ZCL on TradeSatoshi at the time of the snapshot. Will I receive BTCP, and when?

Yes you will. We don't know when TradeSatoshi will give you credit. It's up to them, but we are working with them as needed to ensure this happens in a timely fashion. You should probably assume it will take at least one week.