Bitcoin Core - How to access your Bitcoin Private

In order to access your Bitcoin Private, you must have access to your private keys. Any wallet which gives you ownership of your private keys will allow you to access your Bitcoin Private.

Bitcoin Core is a wallet which allows users to export their private keys. The wallet only supports Bitcoin.

Step 1. Launch Bitcoin Core

Step 2. Go to 'Help' in the Menu Bar (top right)

Step 3. Go to 'Debug Window'

Step 4. Select the Console tab

Step 5. Unlock your wallet

If you have protected your wallet by a passphrase, you may unlock it by typing:

walletpassphrase [your walletpassphrase here] 600

Below that, you will want to write the command which tells Bitcoin Core to share the private key:

dumpprivkey [your Bitcoin public address here]

Step 6. Write down your private key

After Step 5, you will have received the private keys, which will start with a 5.

Step 7: Import Private Keys into the BTCP Electrum Wallet

For this step, please visit this guide.